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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 23, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EST

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my plane. and at this point, we're going to get off the show. that's all for this sunday. you can see a lot more we'll here's what we're following this morning. a house fire and the impacts on the neighborhood. and trying for a steal. the governor of florida is here. what billionaires are doing to try to make sure the local jobs stay put. plus we hope you enjoyed the brief warm-up yesterday because temperatures are dropping with another arctic blast moving in. a live look at beach avenue and cape may right there. the potential record cold is on the way for tonight and tomorrow morning. good morning this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm chris cato.
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it is monday and we really enjoyed the 40s yesterday. that was nice. 40 degrees and sunshine can't beat it. but it won't happen today with the temperatures falling. they will be falling as the day goes on. right now in philadelphia we're looking at 34 degrees. just below freezing for pottstown, trenton, right at the freezing mark. watch out for icy spots. what melted and did not dry leftover from yesterday is icing up this morning. 34 right now in the city but temperatures will continue to fall. by 7:00 30 degrees. then it's 20s for the rest of the day. then a cold wind is blowing. we'll do it neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes with the future weather. all right, bill. we're working on this breaking news that we're following out of bucks county. this situation has been going on for a little over half an hour. here's what we know law enforcement in bucks county is involved in a standoff situation. this is happening in a business in tullytown. police have closed several roads in the area and we are working on finding out what led to the
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standoff, what is happening there, and katy zachry just arrived on scene with a live report in the next 15 minutes. but first we'll go to the impact of your morning drive. jillian mele is here with that. good morning to you chris. good morning to you at home as well. this is a busy intersection later in the morning for drivers in bucks county. levittown parkway is going to be closed and route 13. so in the meantime mill creek parkway is one of your options to get around that. we'll keep you updated on that situation throughout the morning. and no big issues on the majors. this is a live look near macdade boulevard. this is what most highways look like around the area. chris? called out to battle a house fire in wildwood that started at 12:30 on arctic avenue. you can see what is left of the home there. no one was injured but officials say the house is a total loss. they are trying to figure out what started the fire. and some icy roads are to
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blame for this crash this morning in camden county. police say the driver hit a patch of black ice and ran off into the wood area on blue anchor road last night. the driver was not seriously injured. 4:03 now and happening today. the governor of florida begins a two-day trip in philadelphia and an attempt to lure businesses out of philadelphia off to the sunshine state. nbc 10's matt delucia is watching this closely for us live in university city. matt, you talked to the florida governor's office. what is going on here? >> reporter: well, chris, the florida governor's office believes that florida really is a better place to do business. so governor rick scott is in philadelphia over the next couple of days meeting with companies to try to get them to and i quote, buy a one-way ticket to the sunshine state. now, one of the reasons for this he says is taxes. florida has no state income tax and a lower corporate rate tax than pennsylvania. governor scott will be meeting
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with companies here today and tomorrow. and we asked how many or which companies, and his office said last week that was still being organized. i asked what kind of effect they believe this trip will have as the chamber believes the governor won't be successful at all. >> we are pretty confident once the governor and his team get to understand and appreciate all the assets and benefits that we all do who live and work here every day, they are going to be as impressed and as intrigued with the assets that we have across our 11-county community. >> reporter: now i am scheduled to sit down with governor rick scott later this morning. meanwhile, pennsylvania governor tom wolf's office is responding to this effort to take companies out of the state. i'm putting that together and have that coming up at 4:30. live in university city matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." 4:04 now. happening today, the trial is set to begin for a philadelphia man accused of rapping a
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teenager girl by pretending to be a police officer. the man met with the little girl online. he went to the girl's home showed her a fake badge and got her to leave the house by telling her it was surrounded. investigators took her to this hotel on roosevelt boulevard where he handcuffed her and assaulted her. the so-called black madam will return to the courtroom today. pat winslow that she was called the michelangelo of buttocks injection. she was accused of killing a british woman in february 2011 and she injected her with silicone at a hotel near the airport and left when the woman started having trouble breathing. that woman died of a blocked artery. the trial is expected to last for a few weeks. happening today, a new approach to ending homelessness in camden. give people a place to live no matter their problem, then get them help. that's the idea here. tracy davidson has details from
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the digital operations center. tracy, this is a concept that worked well in other cities right? >> reporter: it has. now camden and leaders from the county and the state will talk more about the program, give specifics on when it will start, who will pay for it and who will be allowed into the program. it is very unique called housing first and targets the hard estomeless. rather than making them qualify for housing by addressing their problems first give them a home first and then give them the services they need to overcome their personal battles. the program started in new york city in 1992 and has been successful in other cities. in fact, they counted 86% success rate. later today we'll find out more details including how it will be funded. live in the danger tam operations center tracy davidson "nbc 10 news." well, the homeland security secretary jay johnson is warning that a shutdown of his department would threaten our nation's ability to fight off terrorist groups like isis. congress will return to work
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today and lawmakers have until the end of this week to approve a budget to avoid shutting down the department of homeland security. 30,000 works will be furloughed if that funding runs out to include majority of free ma worker worker workers who have spent their work on fema. and a man who just recently retired from the police department he shot his wife and daughters. and police are trying to track down a murderer. someone shot a 54-year-old man twice in the chest in a home on south 22nd street before noon yesterday. police have not made an arrest or commented on a possible motive. well, the weather could be to blame for underground explosions that blew open a manhole cover and forced an
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evacuation in philadelphia. smoke filled the streets of 15th and locust in center city yesterday. look at this video here one of our producers shot this. peco says the grounds fire in one of their cables caused the explosion popping the manhole from its base. officials closed the area and evacuated a building because of high levels of carbon monoxide. >> due to the recent cold weather and melting today could be affecting electrical water, gas services. it does have an effect. >> now officials on the scene took more carbon monoxide readings to show safe levels of the gas. that's when people were allowed to return. in montgomery county a big turnout is expected at a hearing tonight over the future of a farmer's market. the owner of the flower town farmer's market plans to close that building which is home to more than a dozen vendors. the community and vendors are fighting the plan. there's an online petition to keep the farmer's market open. tonight officials will take a vote to rezone that property.
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temperatures for most of the night have been above freezing but that's change right now as we see the numbers drop and ice is forming. so watch out for slippery conditions this morning. a blast of cold air, an arctic blast during the day today as the wind wraps up. that will have the temperatures going lower tonight. another round of some record cold temperatures. but right now not all that bad. just below freezing in reading. philadelphia cape may both at 34 degrees. that's as warm as it will be today. cape may is still looking at wet wetter on beach avenue. it is dry overhead. nothing falling from the sky. don't expect to see any of that today. just the temperatures that will be falling. this is why. the northwesterly winds which are now at 20 miles an hour in the pocano mountains will be steady through the day. and riding in on the winds, some very cold air. watching a few flurries in northern lancaster county that
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does not look like they will be moving into the area. we'll be dry. there's a system to our south not coming our way. so wet weather is not the problem. cold, it is. 1:00 this afternoon, we'll be at 25 degrees. and falling by later today. we'll be in the lower 20s at 5:00. teens for reading, pottstown allentown at 12 degrees. while millville is at 22. that's at 5:00 this afternoon. watch what happens overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning. the temperatures come way down. we're looking at record temperatures again tomorrow morning. 24 hours from now we are in the single digits as low as zero for allentown. today, you'll see lots of sunshine but a healthy wind is going to turn things colder today. windy and temperatures that will be falling from the middle 30s right now into the 20s this afternoon. oh we're going to miss the 30s. we want to remind you of a situation in bucks county developing. first we'll look at 30th
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station. we're showing you this because today amtrak service in the northeast corridor will continue to operate on a modified schedule because of weather-related issues. some regional services between new york city and boston and washington, d.c. will be operating on a modified schedule again today. that means trains won't be leaving as frequently. all other services operate normally. again, i was mentioning the situation in bucks county tollytown. there's a police standoff with major roads going on there. katy zachry is on the scene there gathering information, but first we'll go to jillian mele with more on the road closures there. good morning to you, chris. that portion of route 13 and bristol pike is a big area out there. that's going to be shut down at levittown parkway. once katy gets established and we have the live picture, we'll show you what the scene looks like. this is a live look at the king of prussia area.
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76 at the interchange with route 202, 76 is clear and 202 is quiet. and mentioning that situation in bucks county we are trying to find out what business is involved. apparently, this is a barricade situation. police in a standoff with someone inside a business. we're learning more about the business that is in a shopping center in tollytown. katy zachry is there and we'll have a live report from her moments away. she was asked to move back from the original scene because of police activity. we'll get to her soon. and an online threat with some malls worried about potential terror attack. we'll tell you what the feds say about the concerns and what malls are doing to keep shoppers safe. plus teens in terrorism. the families of three young girl who is ran away from home to potentially join isis have a message for their missing children.
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4:15 now. we have an update from caykaty zachry where police are in a standoff at a shopping center in tullytown. here's katy with what she was able to find out. >> reporter: hi, chris. police are investigating and on the scene of this barricaded situation. we are right on the corner of levittown parkway and bristol pike. many of the streets are closed off to any traffic except for emergency vehicles. initially, we were told to drive into the shopping center and park behind the walmart in this shopping center. but then a police officer drove behind us and said the police chief handling the scene doesn't want any media or anyone other than emergency vehicles in the vicinity of this barricaded
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situation. so they have us now staging in the trenton, rather the levittown train station parking lot, a short distance from where this is happening. people in this area have been told not to leave their homes. and any businesses that are open, the walmart that is open i'm told that's closing. the other big box stores are closing as part of this shopping center also closing right now. a s.w.a.t. team vehicle recently got on the scene. police from all over the area are investigating a barricaded situation. it's inside a business right along levittown parkway here in tullytown. we are told this is specifically the levittown center. we just pulled up this location and we'll have more information for you in 20 minutes. reporting live in tullytown, katy zachry, "nbc 10 news."
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4:16 now. despite a threat by an al qaeda-linked group, homeland security say there's no credible evidence of a planned attack at the mall of america. but the somali group released video calling for an attack at the shopping mall in minnesota. and a similar attack has been mentioned in canada. all threats are being taken seriously. >> i'm not telling people to not go to the mall. i think there needs to be an awareness, there needs to be vigilance, and to be careful. >> now, those threats come from a group called al shabaab who take credit for a deadly mall attack that took place in kenya. and in this isis video, these show children called cub fighters seen doing training exercises in syria. the instructors say the children are both syrian and foreign.
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the father of an american aid worker killed by isis says the u.s. government quote, put policy in front of american lives. 26-year-old kayla mueller was killed by isis and her death was confirmed by officials earlier this month. her father talked to us in an exclusive interview. >> we understand the policies of not paying ransom but on the other hand any parent out there would understand that he would want anything and everything done to bring his child home. >> mueller said he's sure the government did as much as it could to try to bring his daughter home in spite of the policies about not cooperating with terrorist groups who are asking for money, ransom. you can watch the entire
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interview on "today" coming up at 7:00. and families who were told their teenagers left to join isis are now pleading for their daughters to come home. over the weekend the relatives made emotional pleas for them to return home. temperatures are falling right now. it's going to be a very cold day today. but right now we're still on the lower 30s. it is dry, boathouse row, a nice view across the schuylkill. 34 degrees in philadelphia. visibility is the key. northwesterly wind at 10 miles an hour is going to bring the temperatures down. in fact, this is the warmest it's going to be during the day today. 34 degrees. and this is going to be drying up with a steady dry wind out of the northwest. don't expect to see anything falling from the clouds overhead. just the temperatures that will be falling during the day.
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30 for reading. pottstown, doylestown rightstown, 33. 33 degrees in philadelphia. camden, 33 degrees. 34 in voorhees and glendora. it's a cold start, but it's going to get much colder as the day goes on as the wind kicks in. that will kick the clouds out of here. clouds came in overnight. there's nothing falling from the clouds. we will see them clear out this afternoon. but with that clearing, they come at a warm cost. the warm will disappear with the cold taking hold with temperatures in the 20s during the day today. with northwesterly winds to 20 miles an hour. that's going to make it feel like it's in the single digits. looking toward the weekend already, we're going to see a cold day on saturday with partly cloudy skies. it's rain clouds that will be building on swund asunday with a high near 44. we are following breaking news affecting traffic this
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morning. this is a live picture from the crew on scene of what appears to be a police standoff at a business in a shopping center in tullytown. nbc 10's first alert traffic reporter jillian mele will talk about the impact to traffic in the area. it will be pretty busy later in the morning. this is happening in tullytown. what you're seeing right now is the intersection of route 13 bristol pike and levittown parkway. i am going to step out of the way here so you can get an idea of the activity out there. we have a lot of closures in the area including route 13 and levittown parkway. this gets busy later when the businesses in the area open. take mill street parkway or hanes road to get around it. have u.s. to give you a few alternates, hanes will get you around mill creek parkway and mill creek parkway gets you around route 13. interstate 78 at lehigh street 78 is clear. 22 is looking good.
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chris? there's a new treatment out there to help alleviate peanut allergies. next, how a small patch is showing promise to stop dangerous reactions. plus prices at the pump going back up. we'll look at how much we're paying in this area and what is driving up the prices. plus danger on the rails. how many more crashes like this in west virginia are occurring and how experts say we could see these in the future.
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that babies are exposed to more bacteria through their mother's milk and are less likely to develop allergies and asthma later in life. a new skin patch is promising for those with a peanut allergy. it's called the peanut patch appropriately to give patients small doses of peanut proteins over time. during a clinical trial, half the participants built a stronger tolerance to peanuts. and it appears we are knocking on every wood around us as the worst of the flu season is behind us. according to the cdc, the flu cases have dropped to much lower levels. flu season peaked in january. the cdc says this has been a bad season especially for the elderly and people over the age of 65 were hospital liszed at the highest rate since the agency began tracking the numbers nine years ago. and a new department of transportation study warns that the number of train derailments
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will keep increasing. that shows that trains carrying crude oil or ethanol will derail on an average ten times a year over the next 20 years. improvements are called after the derailment of an oil train in west virginia last week. investigators are still looking into why the train derailed. after months of steady decreases, gas prices keep climbing higher and higher. the average price of gas jumped 13 cents just in the past two weeks. one analyst says labor strikes at several refineries and the increase in crude oil prices helped to push the prices higher. here's a look at what we are paying now, the average cost in the philadelphia area, $2.47. delaware, $2.28. and the cheapest gas in the region is south jersey $2.09 a gallon. things are starting to ice up in the area as temperatures drop below freezing. it is just above freezing.
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right now 33 degrees at 4:26. jillian mele in the first alert traffic center. good morning jillian. so far so good on the majors in delaware. this is a live look at 495. no accidents or delays here. but the big problem is out of bucks county where we have closures on a number of local roads, including route 13. more on that coming up. chris? here's the situation prompting the closures in a live picture from the crew on the scene with a police standoff with some type of suspect who is inside one of these businesses in the shopping center in tullytown. people in this area are told to stay inside their homes. this is a developing situation. we're on top of it. we'll have the latest in a live report coming up. stay with us.
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we're getting new information about breaking news we are following for you in bucks county. in the past few minutes, we have learned police are involved in a standoff at a gun shop. katy zachry is live on the scene with new information in just a minute. and the florida governor is here in philadelphia trying to get businesses to head south with him. we're asking pennsylvania's governor tom wolf what he thinks of the whole thing. and get ready for another arctic blast. a live look outside right now as temperatures are on the way back down. even if it feels a bit warmer and more comfortable this morning, it's about to change. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. the 40s we enjoyed yesterday, let's hang on to those thoughts. >> that's the only thing we can hang on to. >> the record cold we have to hang on to again. meteorologist bill henley is here with his first alert forecast. temperatures are falling and most of the area is still above freezing but the spots that have dropped be


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